Our Story

In October 2017, our world came to a screeching halt as we learned that our friend Mikey Nam was no longer with us. His passing left so many questions unanswered, but impassioned our students to turn this tragedy into a positive change for both the Asheville and Chapel Hill campuses of the UNC Eshelman School of Pharmacy.  While Mikey had traditional leadership roles, he was also a leader outside of the classroom. He encouraged others to be their best self. He urged friends and fellow students to strive for greatness, and to him, no dream was ever too small. Mikey not only emphasized the importance of improving oneself, but also motivated others to make a positive difference in the community. He was a light for the school with his ever present smile, welcoming words, and generous spirit, and he sought to make the world a better place through small acts of kindness.  

The Well-Being & Resiliency Endowment is being established in memory of our dear friend Mikey Nam. Despite his own personal struggles, Mikey was an advocate for fostering mental health as well as physical health, and he understood the importance of a holistic approach to maintaining overall wellness. Money raised for the endowment will be used for an annual award given to a student who demonstrates strong leadership in well-being and resiliency. In addition, funds will also be used to support events and activities that promote well-being, resilience and mental health for students, staff, faculty and patients in the community. 

The Well-Being & Resiliency Endowment Committee was created by students devoted to establishing an endowment in memory of Mikey Nam. The committee, made up of just a dozen devoted students and supported by UNC ESOP staff and faculty has been hard at work fundraising throughout the school year and planning events that focus on physical and mental wellness. All students involved have volunteered their time and effort to make this endowment a reality so that we can pay it forward just like Mikey.